About the Role

We are excited to be expanding our health coaching at the clinic.  Your services are heavily integrated into our clinical model. For example: 

  • Before any new patient is seen, they are required to perform 1 screening visit with our health coach in the “Pre-Exam Visit”
  • Our doctors make treatment plan recommendations to see the health coach depending on what you have flagged during the Pre-Exam visit.
  • For our existing patients, the doctors often refer the patient back to health coaching. 
  • We send out various announcements that health coaching is available for those patients who need more support or nutritional & lifestyle guidance. 

Direct training from Dr. Ruscio will be provided, but we are busy and growing rapidly, so please only apply for this role if you are a self-starter and are confident you can get up to speed quickly. 

Pre-exam Health Coach Assessments

  • Before the patient meets with the doctor, perform a Pre-exam visit to ensure chart notes are accurate, flag any health fundamentals (sleep, diet, etc..) that require addressing and clear up any questions about the new patient paperwork.  Also, make an introduction to health coaching to the patient.

Indirect Clinical Support, for Doctor-Patient Cases

  • Some patients will require advice outside of the purview of the patient care coordinator (PCC), this is where HC assists vectoring the advice through the PCC or via short emails, encouraging them to book additional sessions when needed.

Health Coaching

  • Type 1: Doctor-patient-supportive: Offered for patients working with doctor and require 
    • assistance in implementing clinical recommendation 
    • And/or those who should be improving flagged areas within the health fundamental (sleep, exercise, diet…).
  • Type 2: Health coach-client: Offer health coaching for those who are not being seen by a doctor, 1-1 health coaching with clients who do not need doctor-level support.


What We Are Looking For

Someone who...

  • is intimately familiar with our work and philosophy 
  • has read “Healthy Gut, Healthy You” (HGHY) 
  • has completed training and have a minimum of 3 years of coaching experience 
  • is knowledgeable in gut-healing diets (paleo, low fodmap, AIP, etc) 
  • can hit the ground running and is a quick learner 
  • is experienced in helping clients with more than just diet – including sleep, stress, meditation, supplements, etc. 
  • is good with technology 
  • enjoys systems, organization, efficiency, and process optimization.

Additional Requirements 

  • Minimum HS Diploma, Associates Degree or higher preferred  
  • Minimum 2 years of related healthcare administrative work preferred.
  • Please note: reference checks and former employment verification are mandatory 🙂

Why Join Our Team?

Our clinic provides natural and integrative medicine via a small, multidisciplinary team of MDs, NDs and DCs. Our chief area of focus is digestive health. We also perform clinical research for publication in medical journals.  Dr. Ruscio has a book, podcast, and educational website. We are passionate about helping people and setting a new standard in integrative medicine.

Our chief aims are to:

  • help sick patients improve their health 
  • do so as easily and efficiently as possible by leveraging systems, technology, and automation 
  • gather data from our clinic to publish, thus improving the field’s scientific basis
  • have a joyful, engaging, and harmonious working environment with a team of A-players 

What We Are Offering

Hours & Schedule

  • Part-Time (Partial hours can potentially be performed remotely)
  • 3 Days per week (roughly): 9:30am-5:30pm, lunch 1:30-2:30
    • Flexibility with hours is preferred

Commission Based Compensation

  • $35.60 per 30 minute session block
    • This consists of 20 minutes with the patient and 10 mins for admin/prep/follow up
  • 4-8 client visits/wk initially, guaranteed +
  • Plus an average of 20 new applications coming in each week as leads for additional patients
  • 1-1 health coaching clients you schedule as you integrate into our practice and build a relationship with the patients
  • Notes: We anticipate within 3-4 months you will be completely booked. 
    • Client visits should expand rapidly as doctors refer to your services and as you perform new patient pre-exam visits and get to know our patient base.  


What Makes Us Different?

We truly value our team; your voice is important and your feedback will be encouraged and acted upon.  You will help to improve and shape our office into an even more fun and efficient operation than it already is.  

You will be valued, listened to and a respected member of a small team who works together to create an office that is enjoyable to work in and enables patients to improve their health.    

We look forward to hearing from you!